Often private companies do not seek inorganic growth due to the lack of resources and inexperience in the firm to execute them with confidence. Rather than a sole focus on Advisory, this service aims to fill the resource gap and instil the confidence in the firm to deliver inorganic growth and engage with external parties.

The model provides a proxy internal M&A function, delivering a more affordable and useful solution then traditional methods. The service model is also relevant to supporting the sale of the business.

The deep market place knowledge of the BDStratComm team is highly effective in developing M&A programs and identifying and screening acquisition targets to fit with the strategic aims of the business.

Services include:

  • Target screening, negotiation and term sheet construction
  • Valuation, synergy assessment and funding appraisal
  • Commercial due diligence support
  • Formal due diligence program management to post completion actions
  • Deal structuring, negotiation and document drafting support
  • Post implementation plan and execution program management
  • Information memorandum and data room production and maintenance