We provide Advisory and Consulting Services to mid-tier businesses offering:

  • Business sale or acquisition advisory support
  • Business development consultancy assisting major Strategic and Commercial initiatives

We partner with executives leveraging their deep industry experience to initiate platform investment opportunities with Strategic Buyers.

As an example, in 2016 after our own significant research of an industry, we successfully identified, marketed and advised a business group as a Platform investment to a Private Equity Group.


Significant executive level experience leading strategy development and acquisition processes in large enterprises allows us to offer mid-sized private businesses a unique advisory service providing:

  • A more comprehensive solution to supporting business sale and acquisition processes
  • A unique capability to enable owners to market the sale of their business to private equity and other trade buyers outside their existing competitive environment
  • An alternative to employing full time executive resource to support strategic and commercial projects



Support to improve the forward thinking and planning of the firm and integrating strategy into the performance management framework.


Support to improve the standard of commerciality and risk management for business critical projects and key activities.


Full suite of acquisition and business sale support from developing concepts to post implementation.